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I have added 40 High Quality photos of Benicio attending ‘A Perfect Day’ Photocall in Madrid today. Thanks to my friend Claudia at for donating them.


5 Responses to “[March 14] ‘A Perfect Day’ Madrid Photocall”


Benicio looks really awesome! <3 Thank you for the photos!

Mar 15, 14 at 7:21 pm


Vista Intel

Thank you for these photos! Very interesting, very pleasant to see Benicio Del Toro. I read about this remarkable event. Wonderful!

Mar 15, 14 at 8:48 pm



There’s a new KStew and Delilah pic at Daily Mail the same day Benicio gets a ton of casting press for a new movie. How predictable. Still selling poor Delilah to the paparazzi to stay relevant and attached to Benicio’s name.

Apr 05, 14 at 7:22 pm



There’s new Delilah pics at Daily Mail today. What is wrong with this woman? Using her child for p.r., it’s rotten. Benicio, what were you thinking? Find someone with class next time.

Apr 19, 14 at 2:00 pm



And did you notice how all of Kimberly’s friends are leaving comments about how ugly Benicio is and lol how Delilah looks nothing like him? I guess it helps makes poor Kimberly feel better.

Apr 19, 14 at 2:04 pm


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