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August 31, 2014   Articles/Interviews, Paradise Lost 0 Comment

First reviews of ‘Escobar: Paradise Lost‘ from the Telluride Film Festival are in and like always, Benicio is a scene stealer! – For all its efforts to turn its title character a supporting one “Escobar” is, unsurprisingly, never better than when Del Toro takes center stage. Appearing bearded, heavy and disheveled, keeping his voice in the low, menacing register of someone who doesn’t have to speak loudly to be heard, Del Toro plays the part as a kind of gun-toting Lear — in life and in art, a man who can not so easily be relegated to the sidelines. – (…) Which is not to say that Del Toro, an actor whose steely-eyed gaze fits the part, doesn’t get the chance to relish his opportunity. Exclusively portraying Escobar during the later stages of his career when he already commanded unassailable authority, Del Toro turns Escobar into a subdued terror whose ability to order murders with ease provides the movie with its chief source of dread.(…)
(…) Still, it’s Del Toro who manages the strongest achievement, imbuing Escobar with a creepy blend of charm and cruelty as he peers out from above a scrappy beard and orders death with ease. Short of his forgettable turn in “The Wolfman,” this is the actor’s first genuine monster role.


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