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Welcome to Benicio del Toro Source, your largest resource dedicated to the talented Benicio del Toro. You may know Benicio from Traffic, The Usual Suspects, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Snatch, Che, Sicario or A Perfect Day. Benicio current projects include The Trap, Star Wars: Episode VIII and Soldado. This fansite bring you the most up-to-date news, articles, photos, videos and more.

I have added scans from the November Issue of Premiere France and the February Issue of Best Movie Italy. Thanks to Aruna and Claudia for donating them!

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I am very sorry that because some of my mistakes to put one asterisk instead of fve. I wanted/want to put five, because Benicio Del Toro is in the photo. “Paradise Lost” – realy great film, I admire Benicio’s work, I andmre this moment,this photo, everyone photo, everyone moment of ths exceptional wonderful movie. Benicio Del Toro looks amazing, very beautifully. I love his appearances, his face, his body, his great beard…his actions. I admire him. He is exceptionally great actor. And he is exceptional peson. I want to say Thanks very much to Benicio Del Toro. I am happy to see his movies, am happy to see his photos.

Mar 20, 15 at 6:38 pm


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