Benicio del Toro Source
September 12, 2015 Gallery, Public Appearances

I have updated the gallery with 8 High Quality pictures of Benicio at the Variety Fandango Studio with Emily Blunt and Denis Villeneuve, enjoy!

September 12, 2015 Interview, Movies, Sicario, Video

Benicio del Toro stars in his latest drug cartel film, ‘Sicario,’ joking in the THR TIFF video lounge, “I’ve done many movies that deal with that war, the war on drugs. I’ve played the guy who was addicted to it, I’ve played the guy who was in charge of it.”

September 9, 2015 Gallery, News, Photoshoot

Benicio is among the stars featured in the “New Royals” Project from the October issue of W Magazine. You can find the HQ Picture from the shoot in the gallery!

Classic Royalty: Film
“Winning an Oscar is almost like a memory before it happens. It’s like real time moving really, really fast. It’s a great honor, but it’s a bizarre experience. It’s sort of like a beautiful sweater that itches a little bit.”