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I have 72 HD screencaptures from the Trailer of A Perfect Day with Benicio.

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June 12, 2015 Gallery, Photoshoot

I have added 8 new High Quality portraits of Benicio from a 2008 Photoshoot.

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June 8, 2015 Projects, Video

“Bravo Giorgio”, a short film by British GQ, celebrates 40 years of Giorgio Armani. Shot in Hollywood, the film features Armani-clad icons Benicio Del Toro, Ray Liotta, Martin Scorcese, Dylan McDermott, Zachary Quinto, Bobby Cannavale and Tony Bennett, discussing the designer’s work, how a wardrobe informs you, and why they enjoy wearing Armani pieces.

June 1, 2015 A Perfect Day, Article, Movies, News

WestEnd confirmed Monday that U.S. rights have been taken by IFC ( Variety exclusively reported that final negotiations were underway), and also revealed that rights have also gone to Australia (Madman), Scandinavia (Smile), Japan (Respect), Italy (Teodora), Turkey (Mars), Hong Kong (Edko) and Bulgaria (A Plus). This is in addition to previously announced sales to France (TF1 DA), Germany (X Verleih), Benelux (September Films), Switzerland (Praesens), Israel (United King), Middle East (ECS), Greece (Spentzos), former Yugoslavia (VTI), Malaysia (Suraya) and South Africa (M-Net). Universal is handling distribution in Spain, and will release the film on Aug. 28.

The movie centers on a group of aid workers as they try to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone: Sophie (Melanie Thierry) is a newcomer, she wants to help; Mambru (Del Toro) has seen it all and wants to go home; Katya (Kurylenko) once wanted Mambru; Damir (Fedja Stukan) wants the war to end; and B (Robbins) doesn’t know what he wants. Humor, drama, emotion, routine, danger, hope: it all fits into a perfect day.

The film is produced by Reposado Producciones and Mediapro, and worldwide sales are being handled by WestEnd.

WestEnd is a London-based international sales and feature film financing company, co-founded by Eve Schoukroun, Maya Amsellem, and leading producer and Capitol Films founder Sharon Harel-Cohen. It offers filmmakers a one-stop shop for finance, production and licensing, as well as an extensive network of distribution partners across the industry.


I have updated the gallery with 188 Blu-ray captures of Benicio in Inherent Vice.

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