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September 9, 2014 Gallery, Paradise Lost, Reviews

I have added a new still of Benicio as Pablo Escobar in Paradise Lost!

Also, Benicio is getting rave reviews from TIFF and Telluride for his interpretation! – Chubby and scruffy, del Toro let himself go physically to embody the famous Colombian kingpin, but the actor reined himself back where it counts. He plays Escobar as soft-spoken and approachable, the fun-loving bear of an uncle all little girls love to have in their family, and to Nick he’s supportive and welcoming. The greatness in del Toro’s performance, however, is that he’s able to frequently undercut that disarming warmth with mere looks in his eyes and dialogue deliveries. In one scene, Nick tells Pablo that some goons who’ve been bothering he and his brother are dead, knowing that Pablo’s the reason why they’ve flat-lined yet, still, commenting, “Thank god.” The way del Toro menacingly replies with “Thank god?” is a chilling record-skip moment. – While casting Benicio Del Toro as the notorious Columbian drug lord was a coup, Di Stefano keeps his most talented actor in the background, focusing more on a Canadian (yay!) played by Josh Hutcherson (uh?) who marries into the Escobar family (sure!). At the very least, it was fun to see Del Toro act circles around his young co-star. – Hutcherson is stiff and limited, especially when opposite the critically underused tour-de-force that is Benicio Del Toro (accepting the role in his continuing quest to portray every Latin figurehead).
– Del Toro’s easily the best thing about Escobar: Paradise Lost. – Although Hutcherson remains the drama’s central focus and point of audience identification, del Toro’s presence, like Brando’s in The Godfather, looms over everything that happens here. It’s a physically self-effacing role — the actor is a long way from his former dreamboat self — but he is completely convincing as the extravagantly generous family man, crowd-loving public figure and supremely manipulative and treacherous criminal; you really get the sense of a large spider that can sense even the slightest vibration at the most distant points on his vast web. – The violent drama, set in Columbia circa 1991, features a deliciously good turn by Benicio del Toro as drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

September 8, 2014 Article, Sicario – Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro and British actress Emily Blunt filmed several scenes for movie “Resolution 6” in the city of Nezahualcoyotl, one of the most violent in the central state of Mexico, the producer said.

The film’s producer, Edward McDonnell, said that Mexican settings were chosen to “stamp the movie with scenic realism,” the city council said in a communique.

McDonnell said he needed a Mexican city to develop his story and, after checking out several locations, chose Nezahualcoyotl as “the perfect place.”

He did explain, however, that the choice of locations “had nothing to do with the theme of violence,” and said his decision was based more on what the streets looked like.

He was looking for “an authentic Mexican setting,” he said.

The city of Nezahualcoyotl has been considered by federal authorities and civilian organizations as one of the most violent, together with Naucalpan, Tlanepantla, Ecatepec and Chalco, where a number of criminal organizations operate.

The film’s plot revolves around an FBI agent who investigates a series of murders in Phoenix, Arizona, and along the border with Mexico, and travels to that country to hunt down a drug trafficker.

Actors who have taken part in the shoot are Benicio del Toro, Emily Blunt and Gustavo Sanchez Parra, who have handed out autographs and had their pictures taken with local residents.

McDonnell said the actors have never felt in danger for a single minute, and noted Benicio del Toro’s attachment to Mexico, a country where he has participated in a number of projects.

He also praised the work of the Mexican team that has taken part in the production, including citizens of Nezahualcoyotl who have worked as “extras and have been very cooperative.”

The movie, which will premiere in the fall of 2015, also includes scenes in the town of Naucalpan and others in the eastern state of Veracruz.

The shoot astonished locals over the past three days with police vehicles coming out in force as part of the production.

September 5, 2014 Events, Paradise Lost – Hunter Games star Josh Hutcherson to present Escobar: Paradise Lost alongside Oscar winner Benicio del Toro.

Escobar: Paradise Lost has been added to the Gala Premieres strand of the Zurich Film Festival (Sept 25 – Oct 5) and will be presented by actors Benicio del Toro, Josh Hutcherson and Claudia Traisac alongside director Andrea di Stefano.

Written and directed by Stefano, the film follows the life of notorious Columbian drug baron Pablo Escobar. A young Canadian surfer (Hutcherson) travels to the Columbian coast in search of the perfect waves and finds the woman of his dreams. His problems begin when he gets to know her uncle – the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar (del Toro).

Escobar: Paradise Lost is a Chapter 2, Roxbury and Orange Studio production, internationally sold by Pathé International and distributed in the United States by Radius/TWC. In Switzerland the film will be released by Pathé Films.

The film will receive its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept 4-14).

I have added 3 HQ stills from Guardians of the Galaxy and added a new still from Paradise Lost.

September 2, 2014 Awards, Events, Paradise Lost

SebastianFF – Benicio Del Toro has confirmed his presence at the 62nd San Sebastian International Film Festival to present his new movie Paradise Lost at the closure of the festival. He’ll also receive the Lifetime Achievement Donostia Award for his career. The Award was last received by Denzel Washington.

August 31, 2014 Articles/Interviews, Paradise Lost

First reviews of ‘Escobar: Paradise Lost‘ from the Telluride Film Festival are in and like always, Benicio is a scene stealer! – For all its efforts to turn its title character a supporting one “Escobar” is, unsurprisingly, never better than when Del Toro takes center stage. Appearing bearded, heavy and disheveled, keeping his voice in the low, menacing register of someone who doesn’t have to speak loudly to be heard, Del Toro plays the part as a kind of gun-toting Lear — in life and in art, a man who can not so easily be relegated to the sidelines. – (…) Which is not to say that Del Toro, an actor whose steely-eyed gaze fits the part, doesn’t get the chance to relish his opportunity. Exclusively portraying Escobar during the later stages of his career when he already commanded unassailable authority, Del Toro turns Escobar into a subdued terror whose ability to order murders with ease provides the movie with its chief source of dread.(…)
(…) Still, it’s Del Toro who manages the strongest achievement, imbuing Escobar with a creepy blend of charm and cruelty as he peers out from above a scrappy beard and orders death with ease. Short of his forgettable turn in “The Wolfman,” this is the actor’s first genuine monster role.

August 26, 2014 Gallery, Inherent Vice, News/Rumors

Check out the first still of Benicio as Sauncho Smilax in Inherent Vice! The movie will premiere at the New York Film Festival in October and will be released on January 9, 2015 in the US and January 30, 2015 in UK!