Benicio del Toro Source

“Marvel does a really good job of putting reshoots into their budgets”,said Pratt when asked about potential additional photography on Guardians of the Galaxy. “So, it’s built into the budget already for us to go back and reshoot things. I’d be surprised if we didn’t got back and reshoot some things. That’s just because, by the time they polish the movie and have the final assembly done, there’re gonna be little things they can add. They got the money to do it. So, I [do] expect we’ll go back shoot some of it.” Whether he shares scenes with Benicio Del Toro, who plays The Collector in the film, Chris Pratt confirms, “[Yes] I did, I got to work with Benicio Del Toro on Guardians of the Galaxy and it was awesome. He is truly an artist, and captivating to watch. I learned so much watching him. He’s like the king of behavior. He’s the kind of guy that is doing something physically that isn’t on the page, it’s just something that he brought. I inspire to be able to do something like that.”




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