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Articles/Interviews   ⋄ February 16, 2014


31. Benicio Del Toro – Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (1998)

The Movie Transformation: According to Del Toro, one of the ways he grew a bulging gut for the role of Gonzo was to consume multiple donuts on a daily basis.

He gained three stone to become the drug-addled best buddy to Johnny Depp’s Hunter S. Thompson and has since sworn off putting on such bulk for any future roles, turning down the role of Diego Rivera in Frida for that exact reason.

Benicio Del Toro Says: “What went wrong is that I guess I was too convincing, and that everybody believed that I was on drugs myself. It was insane. Plus it took me three months to lose all that weight. That was the worst part, let me tell you – I’ll never put myself through that again.”



2 Responses to “Most Dramatic Movie Weight Changes – Benicio Del Toro – Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas”


Vista Intel

I love dr. Gonzo. I admire these that Benicio Del Toro did for dr. Gonzo. He really given him soul. I think that Benicio Del Toro (as God) creates everyone character in everyone his movie. And I think, that Benicio Del Toro absolutly right that does not becomes (slightly fat) for other movies. Dr. Gonzo – great creation!

Feb 16, 14 at 5:24 pm


Vista Intel

And I think that thanks Benicio Del Toro “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” – exceptional delightful, unique movie. And I enjoy that Benicio Del Toro does not eats donuts for other movies.

Feb 16, 14 at 7:47 pm


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