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They deleted all the comments about her calling the paps to Benicio’s house. They’re in cahoots with her.

Jul 08, 14 at 3:18 pm



The whole Stewart family is trash. As soon as the **** hits the fan, they all rally around her by showing up in these paparazzi photos too, rather than do the right thing by Delilah and discouraging Kimberly from taking these pictures. It’s all about p.r. for this family. They could care less about what’s best for Delilah.

Jul 08, 14 at 5:18 pm



Did you notice that the articles at CBS no longer have a specific author attached to them and the bloggers’ bios aren’t on the website anymore in the About Us section? They are COWARDS. Why won’t they attach their names and faces to what they put on their website?

Jul 08, 14 at 10:26 pm


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