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Feb 27, 2016 Liz 0
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Actor Benicio del Toro has a refreshingly clear-eyed view of being involved with the juggernaut that is Star Wars: Episode VIII: “It’s scary.” The Sicario star is laughing a bit when he adds, “It’s scary because there’s a lot of talk that I’m going to be in that movie — before I’ve even shot one […]

Feb 27, 2016 Liz 0
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No matter how menacing the character he’s playing, Benicio del Toro likes to bring a little humour to it. In his latest film, “A Perfect Day,” del Toro injects a wry wit into his role as a jaded aid worker in an armed conflict zone in the Balkans in 1995. He says it’s a subtle […]

Jan 16, 2016 Liz 1
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Benicio Del Toro is one of the most talented actors of his generation, with an onscreen smolder and sly sex appeal that’s all but peerless among his contemporaries. In the actor’s latest film A Perfect Day, he turns in another winning performance as Mambrú, an aid worker toiling in the Balkans during the Yugoslav Wars. […]

Jan 16, 2016 Liz 0
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CS: How did “A Perfect Day” begin for you? Benicio Del Toro: I had met the director, Fernando León de Aranoa, in Spain six or seven years ago. I liked his work. I had seen three or four of his movies. We hit it off and then time went by and he sent the script […]

Dec 24, 2015 Liz 0
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Dec 11, 2015 Liz 0
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The movie is now out in Italia!

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Among the 54 films screening during this year’s showcase, Dec. 1–20 at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, Md., are ‘Youth,’ ‘The Lady in the Van,’ and ‘Son of Saul.’ The 28th AFI European Union Film Showcase will open with “A Perfect Day”—director Fernando Leon de Aranoa’s darkly comic portrait of […]

Sep 24, 2015 Liz 0
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I have updated the gallery with 4 new HQ Stills from A Perfect Day and 1 new HQ Still from Sicario! Movies > (2015) A Perfect Day > Stills Movies > (2015) Sicario > Stills

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I have uploaded 35 new High Quality Images of Benicio at the Sicario and A Perfect Day Press Conference on August 13! Gallery Link: Public Appearances > 2015 > [August 13] Sicario/A Perfect Day Press Conference